About Me

Hi there! I'm Valerie, wife to my awesome husband (Jason) and homeschooling momma of three active kiddos. My family's dream of living in the Flathead Valley came true last year with the career opportunity of a lifetime. Our good friends opened the first Chick-fil-A in the state of Montana and brought my husband onboard as the Director of Operations.

The first week of October in 2016, we relocated from sunny (and hot!) Southern California to lovely Kalispell. In spite of record-breaking cold and snow during our first winter here, we couldn’t be happier in our new homeland. We have loved every moment of our new life and I feel very fortunate to be able to bring my deep passion for birth, babies, and families to the community here.

What I believe:

I believe that the way a woman gives birth will have a lasting impact on her, for better or for worse.

I believe evidence-based education (like that found in the Birth Boot Camp classes) dispels fear, creates a more satisfying birth experience, and builds stronger communication between couples before and after Baby’s arrival.

I believe that all babies are blessings and that strong families make for a better world.

I founded Big Sky Birth to help women be empowered in their pregnancies and supported in raising healthy families. My goal is to help every woman know her options in pregnancy and in parenting so that she can make choices based off of factual, up-to-date information and be ultimately strengthened by her birth experience(s).

A little more about me: My first son's birth at a Southern California hospital in 2003 was quite eventful! A very long, drawn-out labor led to a cascade of interventions (epidural, episiotomy, etc.) that left me with painful physical side effects for years after his birth. Though my son and I were considered “healthy”, I was far from whole both emotionally and physically. Recovery was lengthy and our bonding and breastfeeding suffered because of it.

I learned a lot through my son’s birth; it made me desire a gentler approach for my next birth (should I ever have the opportunity) and I began to learn everything I could about childbirth in America. I began to seek out care providers who focused on overall health, who practiced evidence-based care, and who would trust my body's ability to birth as it needed to. When I became pregnant again 5 years later, I opted for a water birth at home with a licensed midwife. I still am filled with wonder at how healing and family-centered my daughter's birth was for me! I had such a great experience that in 2011, I gave birth to my 2nd son at home and in the water once again.

My children are my living proof of miracles and true evidence of God's grace in my life. Each of their births have given me new insight and perspective on how sacred the pregnancy and postpartum period are for a mother and her family. I am a huge advocate for helping parents enter pregnancy and childbirth empowered & informed, regardless of where they choose to have their baby. I have unique experience in navigating pregnancy/birth after miscarriage and also with pumping & milk-sharing.

Over the past decade, I have loved helping families find what works for their individual needs in all things pregnancy & birth related and I was thrilled when my passion led me to certification as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. With the training I received from BBC—along with my personal experiences in medicated & natural childbirth, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding of my own babies—I look forward to helping you achieve an AMAZING birth!

Contact me with questions or for further information. I look forward to talking with you soon!